Green & Secure Edge Cloud Computing

Confidential and Dependable Computing Infrastructures and Services
to enable most sustainable Cloud Computing and Heating of Buildings

Who we are

The real-cis GmbH is a joint venture of the Digital Trust Innovations GmbH and the esatus AG. It bundles their innovative strengths in secure computing platform research, design and operations. The activities are located in Arnstorf, Munich and Frankfurt, Germany. 

Heating with Bits ...

The real-cis GmbH is named for its “real-estate approach” to computing infrastructure and services. In the far edge, business real-estate is most competitive and simultaneously best suited for energy efficient computing infrastructure, where regenerative electricity is produced, waste heat is being exploited and excellent network connectivity is provided.

Confidential Computing

Today in cloud computing, data is often encrypted at rest in storage and in transit across the network, but not while in use in memory, on the buses and in the processor. 

Confidential Computing protects data in use by performing computation in hardware-implemented trusted execution environments. These environments prevent unauthorized access or modification of code and data while in use, thereby increasing security significantly.

Dependable Computing

Today in cloud computing, comitting acts of sabotage is technically relatively easy, especially for personnel of the services providers and other groups of persons with insight. 

Dependable Computing protects data and services not only against violations of confidentiality, integrity and availability due to technical errors or aging, but also against acts of sabotage.

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